Your business is our priority. RadiusDeskHosted has taken all measures for you to:

  • Decide your own prices
  • Formulate your own business model
  • Choose your own hardware
  • Select the features you want to offer
  • All while your customers connect only with you.

We recognise that RadiusDeskHosted is a business tool which you will use to provide your customers with a great Hotspot Management System.
Your customers link directly with you, never with RadiusDeskHosted. You are our customer and your customers are yours.
You are able to sign up Hotels, Restaurants, Schools and so much more. With each customer you determine user types, user rights, and the system features you want to use.
You have access to all your customers’ data, from any browser, at any time for you to run reports or download data.

The RadiusDeskHosted Central Management Dashboard contains no branding or links to the RadiusDeskHosted website.
You are able to provide each one of your customers with an individually branded Landing Page and even printed Vouches showing their own logo.

You can provide your customers with a Landing Page that reflects their brand or yours.
The Landing Page contains customer specific details and contacts. You can incorporate a complete gallery of pictures, the customer logo and individual links to websites.
The Landing Pages are simple to set up and can be easily edited from the Central Management Dashboard.