Because our service runs from your browser, you have:

  • Faster and Easier Deployment
  • Central Management Dashboard
  • More Cost Effective use of Resources
  • Seamless Scalable Business Model

RadiusDeskHosted gives you all your data and management tools in one simple interface, available from anywhere. The modern GUI gives desktop application performance while using a simple browser.
From the central management dashboard you can monitor networks, devices and individual users with the ability to report and manage events wherever you are.
Say you need to change authentication and access policy to a 100 restaurant chain. Do it once and watch RadiusDeskHosted immediately cascade the new policy in minutes. 

Many organisations and enterprises have a widely distributed network environment. Examples include Universities, Shopping Malls, Hotel chains and Restaurant groups. Some of these sites will have one wireless device and some will have 100s of devices.

With RadiusDeskHosted and it’s built-in Mesh system, you can view the status of every device, allowing you to deploy your staff to the problem with precision, rather than depending on dedicated technical staff on each site.

In business and life things change. Yesterday your 100 chain coffee shop were happy with one node to cover the interior. Today the smoking ban means they need coverage on all 100 of their terraces.
With RadiusDeskHosted you can deploy mesh enabled repeaters without highly trained technical staff. Within minutes from installation, the devices appear on the the Central Management System and immediately inherit the correct access and authentication profiles.
Plan for tomorrow with RadiusDeskHosted. It grows with you and your customer base.