OK so it’s getting impressive. Your business is blossoming because you can concentrate on what you're good at which is customer service while RadiusDeskHosted takes care of the rest.
The Enterprise package provides management opportunity for 50 Gateway Nodes and 250 Mesh Nodes at a fraction of the cost of your revenue stream. We provide the tools and you run your business.

You have a mixed customer base from local hotels, casinos, coffee shops and colleges. You even look after the visitor WiFi network of some local enterprises. RadiusDeskHosted gives you all the tools in one package to look after this varied customer base.


The coffee shop wants Social Login using Facebook and Twitter the casino wants vouchers and the local enterprises and colleges want to control Bring-Your-Own-Devices for their visitors and students. No problem, RadiusDeskHosted is as flexible as it is simple to operate.
The RadiusDeskHosted team works with you to provide the solutions you need

Duration: 1 month
Price: $149.95