• RadiusDeskHosted does not tie you down to one hardware manufacturer. 
  • Because RadiusDeskHosted is proudly Open Source, you can use any hardware that has a captive portal with RADIUS integration or which runs Openwrt.
  • To use Radiusdesk for User Management you can use devices with Coova Chilli or Mikrotik Captive Portals. RadiusDeskHosted also supports Ruckus Equipment.

A Captive Portal can be described as the Access Control component of a WiFi Network. The Captive Portal communicates with a RADIUS server to allow or deny access to the internet. RadiusDeskHosted uses at its heart FreeRadius3, which makes it a very suitable choice for most third party Captive Portals. 
Manufactures such as Mikrotik, Ligowave and Ignitenet all provide such integration with a Radius server. RadiusDeskHosted allows you to integrate the advanced user management with any of these Captive Portals. 

Mikrotik provides affordable, proper, Mesh-enabled WiFi hardware. The problem has always been managing them in a distributed environment. With RadiusDeskHosted you take complete control over the access management of the Mikrotik Captive Portal. All the advanced features of user management and individual branded landing pages are now available to Mikrotik users.
RadiusDeskHosted also provides a small heartbeat script to allow you to monitor the status of your Mikrotik nodes from the comfort of the Central Management System. Suddenly rolling out 100s of Mikrotik routers just got a lot easier.

RadiusDeskHosted recognises that there is a need for a wide variety of hardware, giving you the ability to make a decision based on performance, reliability and cost. Ruckus devices are recommended for high-volume deployments like concerts and fairs. That’s why our software support many hardware manufacturers including Ruckus.
RadiusDeskHosted has dedicated Landing Pages for Ruckus hardware to ensure complete compatibility with the Ruckus captive portal. Manage your Ruckus devices with ease on our Central Management Dashboard.

Open Source is at the heart of RadiusDeskHosted. Our Open Source Software runs with other Open Source components such as Openwrt, Batman-Adv and Coova Chilli.
To expand to Mesh Capabilities, our Mesh firmware can be loaded onto any device that can be flashed with Openwrt. Devices from the following manufacturers are supported: TP-Link, Ubiquiti, Dragino, OpenMesh.com and ZBT . As the WiFi world expands, these devices are increasing!

This allows us a low-cost, flexible system that not only manages users and devices, but allows for an expanded mesh with or without access control.
RadiusDeskHosted provides ready-built firmware for many popular wireless devices. We also have a Mesh Node Configuration Utility to easily configure the firmware on the devices of your choice.