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  • BYOD and SSIDs

RadiusDeskHosted works on the principle of profiles for your users.
A simple scenario is a restaurant where you want a customer to have unlimited access for 2 hours after first login. This is considered a profile and can be selected from the list of existing profiles available on RadiusDeskHosted. But still you are not limited to existing profiles.
In RadiusDeskHosted profiles can be simple or very specific . For example, a library needs users to only be online at certain times of the day, they need to limit download speed, they need to limit total data and they need a high speed Hotspot and a normal Hotspot. RadiusDeskHosted can create just that.
Profiles allow you to fit your customer's business needs whatever their business.

Vouchers are the traditional way that Wifi Hotspot users are given their login details. They are still used in many situations and RadiusDeskHosted make the creation and distribution of vouchers fast and simple.
Vouchers are given a profile to limit the user as required. The vouchers can then be created in PDF format to be e-mailed from the system or printed. RadiusDeskHosted has many PDF formats to make sure your customer receives his vouchers in the correct format for his business.
Vouchers can be traditional username and password or simple one-word login. Vouchers can be branded with a customer logo and extra fields can be added to offer information to the user.
Vouchers can be limited by time and duration.
As ever RadiusDeskHosted is built around flexibility and this is truely reflected in the voucher system.

Users demand more and more flexible ways to access wifi networks and customer business types make some more traditional based systems difficult and cumbersome to operate. For example, in a busy, fast-moving environment voucher based systems are not viable.
RadiusDeskHosted is designed to make the system fit the exact need.
RadiusDeskHosted allows for users to identify themselves by social login, by e-mail authentication,by payment or by nothing other than their mac address. Your customer, their business model.

Continuing the theme of user flexibility there is often the need for a user to access a Wifi network on a permanent basis. For example in a university a student might be enrolled for 3 years and need access to many different networks on the campus.
RadiusDeskHosted takes care of this. Once the student has been added to the system as a permanent user and made his initial login, he can access the different networks without even having to login again for the next 3 years. RadiusDeskHosted will be unobtrusively monitoring and controlling access while the student has the best and simplest user experience.
For more secure requirements access by the login page can be enforced if required.

All large enterprises have their own dedicated wireless LANs. Why would they want to create a separate RadiusDeskHosted BYOD network?
Well consider the following scenario.:
Company A has a very secure wireless network. Adding users is a very technical operation but well worth the trouble https://medztop.com/generic-drugs/buy-xanax-online/ . Company A often has business customers and suppliers visiting them who also need internet access. The IT department is not prepared to add and delete users on an hour by hour basis.
Thank you RadiusDeskHosted. With a separate authenticated network where no secure company information is a available but non-technical staff can add users the problem is solved. RadiusDeskHosted can identify users by their MAC address and give them access limited to their requirements by duration, date, time of day or access speeds. Problem solved.

RadiusDeskHosted attempts to give the maximum flexibility in controlling users in every possible business scenario. A very unique feature of RadiusDeskHosted is the ability to limit users to particular SSIDs.
An example of this might be a hotel where guests have access to all networks in the hotel but only VIP guests have access to these networks and to the superfast SSID of the VIP business center. RadiusDeskHosted can handle this situation as users can be allocated to specific SSIDs. As with all RadiusDeskHosted features, this complex feature is simple to implement.