• Access Point mode
  • Landing Pages
  • Reports & Activity Monitor
  • Grouping Users
  • Mutiple SSIDs multiple Captive portals

RadiusDeskHosted has been designed to give the greatest flexibility of Hotspot Management.
The requirements of different operators requires innovative features to allow the system to create networks which solve different and varied business problems.
RadiusDeskHosted easily provides the standard functionality of all WiFi Hotspots but it’s innovative approach allows for many more complex scenarios. Therefore we are able to provide tailor made network solutions with the right hardware, right layout and right user setup to fit your business.
If you need it you can probably build it with RadiusDeskHosted

Our Access Points tool is a good example of how RadiusDeskHosted allows different business models to be operated simply whatever their needs.
For example there is a big difference between a large hotel with many networks and nodes on one site and a large chain of restaurants with perhaps only one node on each site. Their need for Hotspot management and user management are very different.
RadiusDeskHosted is built to make managing these different types of businesses simple and effective. In the Hotel scenario the Mesh feature is the tool to use. In the Restaurant scenario  the Access Point feature is the tool to use. Each tool will guide the operator to give the fastest setup and most appropriate management for the type of business model involved.

RadiusDeskHosted provides landing pages for a wide variety of devices and captive portals including Coova Chilli, Mikrotik and Rukus.
The system delivers the most appropriate page based on system configuration and can recognise the need to deliver a mobile or desktop page automatically ensuring the best user experience.
The landing page is very simple to edit and contains a gallery of photos, a full contact page, own brand pages and individual logo.
The landing page automatically configures according to your choices in the Dynamic Login Page Window. No need to tweak any graphics
The system allows the user just to login just once if required and then RadiusDeskHosted will track the user by his MAC address making it a great user experience.

RadiusDeskHosted provides 2 main types of reports.
The first is the state of the network showing which nodes are online and the interaction they are having with both nodes and users. This is available as a graphical overview and a grid view.The system allows to you to view both actual and historic information. This makes it straightforward to troubleshoot the network and see where there are any problems with any WiFi Hotspots.
The second type of report is the in-depth user reports. The Activity monitor in RadiusDeskHosted gives immediate information on current connected users and historical data about who was connected and when.
All reports are available in both graph form and as a downloadable .csv file for further analysis.
RadiusDeskHosted also lets you take direct action from it’s reporting screens. For example, you can restart a problem node or remove a user from a Hotspot without moving from the reporting screen you are currrently using.

In a varied business environment the access to networks or parts of networks is a complex problem and users might be allowed to roam between sites and businesses.
For example, a hotel group might own a restaurant group or a university might have many campus sites. A shopping mall Wifi network might have some shops that partner and some that don’t. In all these scenarios the ability to allow or disallow users to access networks that are separated either physically or commercially is a complex problem. But RadiusDeskHosted has been created to handle the most complex situations with ease allowing you to build a solution to your customers' needs.

Our Mesh firmware allows for the creation of multiple WiFi Networks within a mesh. These Networks can exit via a Hotspot Captive Portal or a normal LAN.
This gives great flexibility in the creation and management of WiFi Hotspot Networks.
For example, different Hotspots can be set up on the same mesh, giving a child friendly filtered hotspot and a normal Wifi Hotspot. A VIP Hotspot could be created with mega fast access.
Multiple normal encrypted Networks can be set up within the mesh to allow business owners to use the mesh for back office functions such as point-of-sale tills.
The possibilities are endless but you can be assured that RadiusDeskHosted has been structured with the greatest flexibility built in.